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tv   The Journal Editorial Report  FOX News  June 9, 2013 12:00pm-12:31pm PDT

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[applause] >>. this administration has going to be transparent in history. i think you might argue it's the least transparent certainly in recent times. >> do you feel like the irs has betrayed the trust of the american people? >> i do, mr. chairman. >> why didn't a whistleblower come forward is? why didn't one person in the irs say hey this was wrong. >> and the attorney general has the full confidence of the people of the united states and handling his job well. >> i think i have accomplished all the goals i have set, i will sit down with the president and talk about a transition. >> there is another
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bombshell from the government. nsa is not only collecting phone call data but following every move you make on the internet. >> this a dragnet and we have to find out why this is justified simply because of nsa wants to do data mining. >> this is special edition of on the record. second term scandal the irs may be partying but no party at the white house. this week and what did the white house need another new scandal, secret surveillance programs exposed. we begin with the irs. >> it's time for the irs to come clean. >> i'm absolutely appalled at the apparent waste of taxpayer dollars on frivolous conferences. >> it's so challenging and
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my goodness. >> what was the irs thinking? >> it's time to get ready. >> we have a new misstep every day at the irs. >> for the committee anyone to date been held accountable? >> let me answer question this way. >> it's yes or no? >> i would say yes. >> they don't pay me enough to do this. >> someone should reviewing this conference on an ongoing basis and see if theyuhñ are appropriate. ♪ ♪ >> i was concerned by the video that the chairman showed us, i would say it's an insult to the memory of star trek. i could do a better captaint( kirk. >> i swear to god and
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looked at that video over and over again, i do not see the value. i was up 3:00 this morning watching it trying to get to redeeming value. couldn't get there. i work hard at it now. >> fascinating and embarrassing. i apologize. >> when did it strike you that this was wrong? >> as i said when you get called to testify before congress? >> no, sir. >> shall i cover my ears, captain? ♪ ♪ ♪ >> greta: to the $64,000 question. who did it. who said it was okay to spend $64,000 of your tax money for employees to attend that conference.
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>> over $64,000 were spent on promotional items for the employees, this swag bag and all of it was a $4 million party for themselves. >> leading into the future? >> teamwork in action, your leadership journey, all about our tax dollars spent in inappropriate ways. >> this is letter or case -- where was some of this stuff made? >> these things were made in china. they weren't buying american. it shows that this was a party. they three themselves a $4 million party. >> do we know about how much these things cost? do we have them on the table. >> these items were around $64,000. there was 3,000 items that were given in addition to the lavish suites and parties that were thrown. >> reporter: congressman, we want to ask you in this
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report we see in addition to the items here in the swag bag as we call it, there is promotional items totaling -- office for $730 were given to attendees and the information quarter as well as during the conference workshop. they consisted of items key chains, plastic coins, and plastic squirting fish. it's spectacular to the ones given out. i ask you, sir, what in the world does an irs employee need with a plastic skirting fish? >> maybe it represents the fishy things that were going on the irs. they used temperature dollars to throw a party. >> greta: it all started with the disturbing news that the irs has been
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targeting conservative groups. this week, conservative groups finallyb'÷wcñ getting their turn telling congress about the irs putting a giant target on their back. >> i'm not here as a vessel or beg meig lord more for mercy. i'm a born free american woman, wife mother and citizen, i'm telling my government that you've forgotten me. >> in march ofçó 2012, including schedule "b" which is our list of major donors and addresses appeared to the website of the human rights campaign or principal opponent in the fight over traditional marriage. copy of our tax returns and list of donors that was posted there was redacted. our computer forensic people was get the redacted parted and discovered the original documents had originated from within the
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irs. >> let's stop the charade of being social welfare organization and admit they are political, play by the same rules that everybody on the committee plays when we are involved. >> representative, it's your kind of statement that have empowered irs toogh make determinations about which organizations qualify for the public good and which do not. >> in order to raise money, i filed an application with the irs in january of 2011 seeking to obtain 501 c 3 status. as of today i've been waiting for 29 months without status. in the interim i launched $30,000 launch grant from a reputable nonprofit which director never seen this
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treatment of an applicant in his 25 years in authorizing grants. >> people that make donations to a 501c4 that is not a tax deductible amount. we're not getting any money from the taxpayer. we're saying if we want a group or make a donation that at the end. year or whatever it's been taxed when the person earned it to begin with. this is an outrage. we're taking money from starving children to find us. >> republicans are looking for a conspiracy. mr. issa says he can feel it in his gut that someone has broken the law. an irs commissioner appointed by president bush and investigated by a republican inspector general. what happened to you was unfair, but it was a
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mistake. >> the committee will be in order. ryan has the time. "@ former irsshulman and implied the organization is responsible because they chose to apply for tax exempt status. >> my personal question was question number 33 with relations to protests asking for listing of quotes and breaches of public order and arrests and then requested details on how we can promote illegal activity. i think thers needs to fix the labeling machine. we're not occupy oakland. >> you have proof that the irs an individual or group of individuals in the irs committed a felony. you have proof to this and nothing has occurred to speak or find justice, is
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that correct? >> that is correct. >> most stunningly on may 3rd of this year in follow up to a private request where we asked the specific information that federal law allows us to request, an investigation into this disclosure of our tax returns, the inspector general's office told us that the identity of the source of this felony against us was a self-protected information that they could not disclose to us. i ask you to think about the irony of that. >> this was not an accident. this is a willful act of intimidation to discourage the point of view. what the government did to our little groups when they come to alabama is unamerican. >> greta: newt gingrich joins us. last week it was thought that a couple rogue employees in cincinnati. this week it does lead the irs targeting washington?
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>> i think it's deeper and deeper. when you learn the irs commissioner visited the white house 157 times which is more than the attorney general and secretary of state combined. you have to ask the question. what were they going there for. when you realize now apparently there are several employees who are saying flatly, i got my orders directly from washington. they named a person. i'm sure that person is going to be deposed under oath. that person will be asked who are you reporting to? if you remember how watergate unfolded it's week after week. betrayal gets bigger and broader. now on top of that really weird sundry conferences with a happiness speaker and a painter who made you feel better about yourself. and it gets worse and worse with each passing week. >> greta: to what extent
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doesall on president obama's plate? >> if you look at the total number of scandals we now have four interns that have taken the entire room over and put all the scandals up on the wall. there is environmental protection agency scandal giving private farmers names to lawyers. there is the scandal with kathleen sebelius. there is the attorney general been doing with the associated press and fox news. you go all through and private illegal email address. every time you turn around, i think this is a bureaucratic big government scandal with obama as a piece of it. it's not obama scandal per se but much deeper sense how sick the system is. you have these very conflicting reports at national security agency.
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part of what the internal revenue service is damaging to our belief in government, if you ask irs a little or christian groups what do you say in the prayers. what was conversations in the friday morning coffee group, why would you trust another element of the same government with enormous secret data on every american. that undermines the trust of government. >> greta: "new york times" came out with a blistering editorial taking president obama on issues of promised transparency and the facts nsa has been going. editorial board is turning against him. is that a flash in the pants or more? >> my expectations you are going see more things next week and more things the week after. when these things start to break down, more and more people leak.
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more and more people feel like they want to get in front of the problem. you are begin to get more trails that to go down. there are now -- this is very different than watergate. there are more different committees in the congress looking at different aspects of scandals than i think i can remember in my lifetime. every week we add one or two more. it's going to continue and partly the obama's administration attitude which is very arrogant and underlying bureaucracy. you have a continuing growth of bureaucracy that nobody controls it and it doesn't matter what you say. >> greta: do you think president obama is paying attention to this? >> i think they are still -- death and dying, you start with rejection and anger
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and acceptance. i think they are rejection phase. i think he is trying to figure out how to do a foreign trip. can i make a big speech. what can i do to cover so people does not think about it. amount of time you have to spend being briefed, the number of new things that come in. imagine the president walk in and say, oh, gee, turns out the irs commissioner was in this building 157 times. you have to stop and say, why ho was me meeting with? i don't think he was meeting with the president 157 times. then you get the next story. part of what happens is you lose a great deal of energy to be a leader having to absorb all these punches, how are we going to handle them. >> greta: how do you determine if something is political or something is legitimate inquiry? >> this is something republicans have to be very
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careful about. the country is very supportive of a congress which gets the facts. it's not supportive of a congress that goes on a partisan witch hunt. i would say the calmerymñr and more fact orientated the republicans can be in developing these investigations the broader the support they will get in the country. i think almost everyone in the country the irs did something pro foundly wrong. almost every american is troubled by the scale of the gathering up of information that we are learned from the nsa. i think there is a potential availability of a very broad bipartisan effort to get to the truth. people have to believe that is sincerely what you are trying to do. >> greta: straight ahead, from targeting conservatives to wasting your money on ridiculous videos and no one at the irs has been fired. steve forbes will be here to talk about this and nsa
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helps him deposit his checks. jay also like it when mother nature helps him wash his car. mother nature's cool like that. citibank mobile check deposit. easier banking. standard at citibank. >> can you tell s >>. ho implement that transparency and there is some skepticism.
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how will we implement that? >> there are more questions going forward. i'll get back to the irs and geta,fe to work. >> just answers the questions. i'll get back to the irs and get to work. thank you. >> do you think the agency deserve an apology if the direction came from above? >> greta: irs commissioner coming under fire both outside and inside the hearingering room. demanding the irs why they have not fired lois lerner. >> is she still being paid today? >> she is. >> is that your definition of accountability? >> if you would indulge me to answer the question. >> that is easy, yes or no? >> there is two stages to
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accountability. it's based on the facts we have now to determine who can no longer position of trust in the irs. second stage is to determine whether there was any underlying malfeasance that would warrant dismissal. we will follow the facts but we do not have completed review. >> if you don't know if there is underlying malfeasance why was skb zod resign? >> it's because of failures of management oversight. whether they were motivated.... >> they were asked to resign to restore public trust for public perception purposes? >> no, i wouldn't say that. i would say when there is a breakdown in management, when there is a gross mismayor you have to make tough decisions whether that person can hold their position of trust. >> greta: lois lerner on administrative leave but still connecting paycheck
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from you. is anyone at the irs being held accountable. steve forbes joins us. >> good to see you. >> greta: how do we make sure there is a real accountability? we have real action to clean things up? >> i think ultimately the only way, yes, you'll have more congressional investigations which is very educational, but ultimately we need a special prosecutor who has subpoena powers. who has the power to call a grand jury and can do a start from people right on the ground and go up the chain right into the white house. we had an irs commissioner that paid 157 visits to the white house when his predecessor made one visit to the white house. you have to do it in a systematic way. i don't like special prosecutors but the abuse here they went after citizens all around the country of a particular
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political persuasion we need a special prosecutor today. >> greta: if it comes back the president had no knowledge and totally confined within the irs is he still have responsibility of being the head of the country? >> absolutely. he set the tone for it going back to 2010 when he pointed out these organizations sometimes by name, hinting they are controlled by foreign entities. then you had eight to ten senators demanding investigation and threatening the irs if they didn't investigate, you don't have to be an einstein to figure out the sirs going to respond. it did. it played politics on a scale we've never seen before. we've had abuses but never on systematic scale. the amazing thing he didn't have to use secret meetings to do it. he did it right in and out public. >> is congress to have accountable and they have
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oversight responsibilities. and it sploetd. they sent letters but they didn't move particularly fast? >> no, they didn't. we saw this in the late 1990s when there was a round of scandals, not on the scale today, but it took outside pressure to bring about a real change. so congress was -- but that is why you have to have a special prosecutor. if the house side is going to pursue investigations but a number of senators are guilty. one senator durbin went on tv on fox last weekend and admitted that he did it and said he was straightforward about it. so congress can only do so much. we need a special prosecutor. we have the whole record. it will go to the white house and not just irs and take remedial action and drastic down sides go of the irs. being a compassionate
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conservative, i would be in favor of retraining, but they can't be in the positions they are in today. this thing has to go. >> greta: steve, thank you. straight ahead, could you get caught up in the obama's administration drag netted snooping scandal reaching from phone records to internet and even credit cards. rough week for eric holder, should she stay or go? you'll hear from house republicans coming up. so being an advertising spokesman i have to look my best on camera. whether i'm telling people about how they could save money on car insurance with geico... yeah, a little bit more of the lime green love yeah... or letting them know they can reach geico 24/7 using the latest technology. go on, slather it all over. don't hold back, go on... it's these high-definition televisions, i'll tell ya, they show every wrinkle. geico. fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more
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♪ ♪ >> when it comes to telephone calls nobody is listening to your telephone calls. that is not what this program is about. as was indicated what the intelligence community is doing is